Research Papers On Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural Entrepreneurial Development: A Study on Indian Handmade Paper Industry

Osmania Journal of International Business Studies , June 2009

7 PagesPosted: 28 Oct 2016  

Date Written: June 2009


The gloomiest facet of recession is large scale employee sacking by multinational companies throughout the world. As loss of employment opportunities and mass scale firing often leads an economy into a vicious circle of unemployment, poverty and severe recession. Thus to rescue economy from this vicious circle, it becomes indispensable for an economy to identify prospective employment opportunities and, to stabilize and strengthen its traditional root sector.

Although Multi-National companies are pillars of both developed and developing countries in current era; but global impact of sub-prime crises have substantially shaken these pillars, so when pillars become weak it becomes essential for a country to bolster its roots. Traditional small scale manufacturing sector although trivial in supporting economy, however is the root of manufacturing sector of the country, and being labor intensive and less investment demanding can be identified as a savior of current economic crises.

This paper is a contribution to study the big potential of traditional small scale handmade paper industry in India over more than a decade, hence to make world economies, to realize the prowess of small when large corporate sector is showing plunge.

Keywords: Rural Entrepreneurship, Handmade Paper Industry

JEL Classification: L90

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Dwivedi, Amit Kumar and Dwivedi, Dr. Punit Kumar, Rural Entrepreneurial Development: A Study on Indian Handmade Paper Industry (June 2009). Osmania Journal of International Business Studies , June 2009. Available at SSRN:

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