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  • WORD column: Bible words that appear in at least one English Bible version or translation are included, although not every proper noun in the Bible is yet included in this chart. Words followed by an asterisk* are non-biblical words with a historical, geographical, or other connection to the Bible or religion in general.
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AaronAaron [Aar'on] (I)Exodus 4:14 (h175)(¶)(¶) AIR-uhn, A-ruhn, AR-uhn, AY-ron, ER-uhn*
abacus*; abaci*, abacuses*g 1/08 12; g93 5/8 20; g80 8/22 31(¶)(¶) AB-uh-kuhs, uh-BAK-uhs; A-buh-si('), A-buh-kee', uh-BA-ki, A-buh-cuhs-es
AbaddonA·bad'don (I)
compare Apollyon
Revelation 9:11 (g3)(¶) uh-BAD-uhn*, uh-BAD-n
AbagthaA·bag'tha (I)
in DRB: Abgatha
Esther 1:10 (h5)(¶) uh-BAG-thuh*
Abana, AbanahA·ba'nah (I)2 Kings 5:12 (h71)(definition) uh-BAY-nuh*, AB-uh-nuh
AbarimAb'a·rim (I)
in some Bibles: east of the river
Numbers 33:47 (h5682)AB-uh-rim [not uh-BAR-im]
AbbaAbba [Ab'ba] (I)Mark 14:36 (g5)(¶) AB-uh*, AH-buh*
AbdaAb'da (I)1 Kings 4:6 (h5653)AB-duh
AbdeelAb'de·el (I)Jeremiah 36:26 (h5655)AB-dee-uhl, AB-dee-el* [not AB-deel, not ab-DEEL]
AbdiAb'di (I)2 Chronicles 29:12 (h5660)AB-di* [not AB-dee]
AbdiasObadiahAbdias 1:1 DRB (h5662)(¶)(¶) ab-DI-uhs
AbdielAb'di·el (I)1 Chronicles 5:15 (h5661)AB-dee-el*, AB-dee-uhl [not ab-DI-uhl]
AbdonAb'don (I)Judges 12:13 (h5658)AB-duhn, AB-don*
AbednegoA·bed'ne·go (I)
in some Bibles: Abdenago, Abed-Nego, Abed-nego
Daniel 1:7 (h5664)(¶) uh-BED-nih-goh* [not uh-BEN-dih-goh]
AbelAbel [A'bel] (I)Genesis 4:2 (h1893)(¶) AY-buhl*
Abel Beth Maacah, Abel-beth-maacahA'bel-beth-ma'a·cah (I)
aka Abel, Abel-maim, Abel of Beth-maacah; in DRB: Abel Domum Maacha; in some Bibles: Abel-Beth-Maachah, Abel-Bethmaacah, Abel-beth-maachah, Abelbethmaachah
2 Kings 15:29 (h62)ay'buhl-beth-MAY-uh-kuh* (for all variant spellings)
Abel Keramim, Abel-keramim, AbelkeramimA'bel-ker'a·mim (I)
in some Bibles: Abel-cheramim; Abelcheramim; Abel, which is set with vineyards; the meadow of the vineyards; the plain of the vineyards
Judges 11:33 (h64)ay'buhl-KER-uh-mim, -KUHR-* [not ay'buhl-kuh-RAY-mim]
Abel Maim, Abel-maim, AbelmaimA'bel-ma'im (I)
in some Bibles: Abel Beth Maacah
2 Chronicles 16:4 (h66)a'buhl-MAY-im*
Abel Meholah, Abel-Meholah, Abel-meholah, AbelmeholahA'bel-me·ho'lah (I)Judges 7:22 (h65)(¶) AY-buhl-mih-HOH-luh, AY-buhl-muh-HOH-lah*
Abel Mizraim, Abel-mizraim, AbelmizraimA'bel-miz'ra·im (I)Genesis 50:11 (h67)(definition) AY-buhl-MIZ-ray-im*
Abel Shittim, Abel-shittim, AbelshittimA'bel-shit'tim (I)
in some Bibles: Abel
Numbers 33:49 (h63)ay'buhl-SHIT-im
AbiA'bi (I)2 Kings 18:2 (h21)AY-bi* [not AB-i]
Abi Albon, Abi-Albon, Abi-albon, AbialbonA'bi-al'bon (I)2 Samuel 23:31 (h45)ay'bi-AL-buhn*
AbiasaphA·bi'a·saph (I)Exodus 6:24 (h23)uh-BI-uh-saf*
AbiatharA·bi'a·thar (I)1 Samuel 22:20 (h54)(¶) uh-BI-uh-thahr*, -uh-ther [not uh-BEE-uh-thahr]
AbibA'bib (I)Exodus 13:4 (h24)(¶)(¶) AY-bib*, also ah-VEEV
Abida, AbidahA̷bi'da (I)Genesis 25:4 h28)(¶) uh-BI-duh [not AB-uh-duh]
AbidanA'bi·dan (I)Numbers 2:22 (h27)uh-BI-duhn* [not AB-uh-dan]
AbielA·bi'el (I)1 Samuel 9:1 (h22)AY-bee-uhl, uh-BI-uhl*
Abiezer, Abi-ezer, AbieezerAbi-e'zer (I)Judges 8:2 (h44)ab-ee-EE-zuhr*, ay'bi-
Abi-ezrite, AbiezriteAbi-ez'rite (I)
in some Bibles: Abiezer clan, Abi[-]ezrites, Abiezer’s family, Ezrites, family of Ezri
Judges 6:24 (h33)ab'ee-EHZ-rit*, ay'bi-EZ-rit
AbigailAb'i·gail (I)1 Samuel 25:3 (h26)(¶)(¶) AB-ih-gayl'*, -gehl, AB-uh-gayl'
AbihailAb'i·ha·il (I)Esther 2:15 (h32)AB-uh-hayl*
AbihuA·bi'hu (I)Exodus 6:23 (h30)uh-BI-hoo, uh-BI-hyoo*
AbihudA·bi'hud (I)
in Christian Greek Scriptures (NT): Abiud
1 Chronicles 8:3 (h31)(definition) uh-BI-huhd* [not AB-ee-huhd]
AbijahA·bi'jah (I)1 Kings 14:1 (h29)(definition) uh-BI-juh*
AbijamA·bi'jam (I)1 Kings 14:31 (h38)uh-BI-juhm*
AbileneAb·i·le'ne (I)Luke 3:1 (g9)(definition) ab'uh-LEE-nee*e
AbimaelA·bim'a·el (I)Genesis 10:28 (h39)uh-BIM-ay-uhl, uh-BIM-uh-el*
AbimelechA·bim'e·lech (I)Genesis 20:2 (h40)(¶) uh-BIM-uh-lek*
AbinadabA·bin'a·dab (I)1 Samuel 16:8 (h41)(definition) uh-BIN-uh-dab*
AbinoamA·bin'o·am (I)Judges 4:6 (h42)(¶) uh-BIN-oh-am*, uh-BIN-oh-uhm, ab-ih-NOH-am
AbiramA·bi'ram (I)Numbers 16:1 (h48)(definition) uh-BI-ruhm*
AbishagAb'i·shag (I)1 Kings 1:3 (h49)(¶) AB-uh-shag*
AbishaiA·bish'ai (I)2 Samuel 2:18 (h52)uh-BISH-i*, uh-BI-shi
AbishalomA·bish'a·lom (I)1 Kings 15:2 (h53)uh-BISH-ah-lahm*, uh-BISH-uh-luhm
AbishuaAb·i·shu'a (I)1 Chronicles 6:4 (h50)ab-ih-SHOO-uh*, uh-BISH-oo-uh
AbishurA·bi'shur (I)
in some Bibles: Abisur
1 Chronicles 2:28 (h51)uh-BI-shuhr*
AbitalA·bi'tal (I)2 Samuel 3:4 (h37)uh-BI-tuhl* [not ]
AbitubA̷bi'tub (I)1 Chronicles 8:11 (h36)uh-BI-tuhb
AbiudA·bi'ud (I)
in the Hebrew Scriptures: Abihud
Matthew 1:13 (g10)uh-BI-uhd*
ablutionswashing; purification rules of the Jews
in some Bibles: bathing, wash, washing; ceremonial cleansing of the Jews, Jewish rites of purification, purifying, purification/purifying of the Jews
Exodus 40:30 NJB (h7364); John 2:6 NJB (g2512)uh-BLOO-shuhns, a-BLOO-
AbnerAb'ner (I)1 Samuel 20:25 (h74)(¶) AB-nuhr*
AbrahamAbraham [A'bra·ham] (I)Genesis 17:5 (h85)(¶)(¶) AY-bruh-ham*
AbramA'bram (I)Genesis 11:26 (h87)(¶) AY-bruhm*, AY-bram'
abrogate*, abrogation*w95 3/15 27; it Animals(¶) AB-ruh-gayt; ab-ruh-GAY-shuhn
AbronahA·bro'nah (I)
in some Bibles: Ebronah, Hebrona
Numbers 33:34 (h5684)uh-BROH-nuh
AbsalomAb'sa·lom (I)2 Samuel 3:3 (h53)(¶) AB-suh-luhm, AB-suh-lahm*
abyssabyss (I)
in some Bibles: deeps, depths, big hole that has no bottom, bottomless pit, deep pit
Psalm 88:6 (h4688); Revelation 9:11 (g12)(¶) uh-BIS*, also A-bis(')
acaciaacacia (I)
in some Bibles: box, shittah tree, shittam, thorn
Isaiah 41:19 (h7848)(¶) uh-KAY-shuh
AccadAc'cad (I)
also Akkad
Genesis 10:10 (h390)(¶) A-kad*, AK-ad, AH-kahd'
Acco, Accho, AkkoAc'co
aka Acre, Ptolemais
Judges 1:31 (h5910)(¶) AK-oh, AK-koh*, AH-koh(')
AceldamaA·kel'da·maActs 1:19 KJ Da (g184)(¶)(¶) uh-KEL-duh-muh, -mah, uh-SEL-duh-muh [not as'uhl-DAH-muh]
or Achaian
it GREECE, GREEKS (Roman Rule Over the Greek States)(¶) uh-KEE-uhn, uh-KI-uhn, uh-KAY-uhn
Achaemenes*it CYRUSuh-KEE-muh-neez', uh-KEM-uh-neez'
Achaemenian*it CYRUSak'uh-MEE-nee-uhn
Achaemenid*, Achaemenids*, Achaemenidae*it DARIUS(¶) uh-KEE-muh-nuhd, uh-KEM-uh-nid; pl. ak'uh-MEN-idz, ak'uh-MEH-nuh-dee'
in some Bibles: Greece
Acts 19:21 (g882)(¶)(¶) uh-KAY-uh*, -yuh, uh-KI-uh, also uh-KEE-uh
or Achaean
it GREECE, GREEKS (Hellenists)(¶)(¶) uh-KEE-uhn, uh-KAY-uhn, uh-KI-uhn
AchaicusA·cha'i·cus1 Corinthians 16:17 (g883)uh-KAY-uh-kuhs*
AchanA'chanJoshua 7:20 (h5912)(¶) AY-kan*
AchborAch'bor (I)
aka Abdon; in some Bibles: Acbor, Achobor
2 Kings 22:14 (h5907)(definition) AK-bohr*
Achilles*dp 154; w99 4/15 18(¶)(¶) uh-KIL-eez [not AK-uhl-eez]
AchishA'chish1 Samuel 21:10 (h397)AY-kish*
AchorA'chorJoshua 7:24 (h5911)AY-kohr*
AchsahAch'sahJoshua 15:16 (h5915)AK-suh*
AchzibAch'zibMicah 1:14 (h392)AK-zib*
Acre* (city in Israel)
aka Acco, Accho, Ptolemais
it ACCO(¶)(¶)(¶) AH-kuhr, AY-kuhr, AH-kruh
Acrocorinthus*it CORINTHak'roh-kuh-RIN-thuhs
acropolis*it AREOPAGUS(¶) uh-KRAH-puh-luhs, -KROP-uh-, -oh-lis
acrostic*Lamentations 1:1 ftn.(¶) uh-KROS-tik
Actium*dp 231; it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Under Greek and Roman rule)(¶) AK-shee-uhm, -tee-
ActsActsActs of Apostles [Bible book](¶) akts
AdamAdam [Ad'am]
man’s name; city name
Genesis 3:17 (h121); Joshua 3:16 (h121)(¶) Ad-uhm*, A-duhm
Adamic*it SIN I(¶) uh-DA-mik
in some Bibles: Adami-ha-Negeb, Adami Nekeb, Adaminekeb
Joshua 19:33 (h129 + h5346)ad'uh-mi-NEE-keb*
AdarA'darEzra 6:15 (h144)(¶) AY-dahr*, AH-dahr, ah-DAHR
Adhonai', Adonai, AdonayAdho·nai'; A·do·nay'Adonai in Exodus 6:3 DRB and 1 Kings 2:26 Da (h113); Adonay Ro(¶)(¶) ad'oh-, ahd'-, ah'doh-NI, sometimes ad'uh-NOI, ah-DOH-ni
AdonijahAd·o·ni'jah1 Kings 1:5 (h138)ad'uh-NI-juh, ad'oh-NI-juh*
AdonisTammuzEzekiel 8:14 DRB (h8542)(¶) uh-DON-is, uh-DOH-nis
Adoptianism*, Adoptionism*(¶) uh-DAHP-shuhn-ih'zuhm
in some Bibles: Adramelech
2 Kings 19:37 (h152)uh-DRAM-uh-lek*
AdramyttiumAd·ra·myt'ti·umActs 27:2 (g98)ad'ruh-MIT-ee-uhm*
Adria[sea of] A'dri·a
in some Bibles: Adrian, Adriatic, Mediterranean
Acts 27:27 (g99)AY-dree-uh*
Adriatic[sea of] A'dri·a
in some Bibles: Adria, Adrian, Mediterranean
Acts 27:27 ftn. (g99)(¶)(¶) ay'dree-AT-ik, ad'ree-AT-ik
AdullamA·dul'lam1 Samuel 22:1 (h5725)uh-DUHL-uhm*
adulteryadulteryExodus 20:14 (h5003)(¶) uh-DUHL-tuh-ree, uh-DUHL-tree
aedile*it ERASTUS(¶) EE-duhl, EE-dil'
Aegean*dp 149; it GREECE, GREEKS (The Land and Its Features)(¶) ih-JEE-uhn, ee- [not ay'JEE-uhn]
in some Bibles: Eneas
Acts 9:33 (g132)(¶) uh-NEE-uhs*, ih-
AenonAe'nonJohn 3:23 (g137)EE-nuhn, EE-non*
aeon*, eon*g77 11/22 27(¶) EE-uhn, EE-ahn(']
also Asclepius
it DISEASES AND TREATMENT (Influence of Magic and of False Religion)(¶) es'kyuh-LAY-pee-uhs, Brit., ee'skuh-LAY-pee-uhs
Aesop*w00 2/1 6(¶) EE-sahp', EE-suhp
AgabusAg'a·busActs 11:28 (g13)AG-uh-buhs*
AgagA'gag1 Samuel 15:8 (h90)AY-gag*
AgagiteAg'ag·iteEsther 3:1 (h91)AG-uh-git*
agape*a·ga'pe1 Corinthians 13:4, 13 ftn. (g26); it LOVE(¶)(¶) ah-GAH-pay, AH-guh-pay', AG-uh-pay
Agathocles*dp 223(¶) uh-GA-thuh-kleez'
aggadah*, aggadot*w99 3/15 27(¶)(¶) uh-GAH-duh, Seph. Heb., ah-gah-DAH: Ashk. Heb., uh-GAH-duh; pl. uh-GAH-daht'
aggadic*w99 3/15 27uh-GAH-dik
AggeusHaggaiHaggai 1:1 DRB (h2292)(¶) AG-ee-uhs, a-GEE-uhs
agnostic*w89 2/15 4–5(¶) ag-NAHS-tik, uhg-
agnosticism*g84 3/8 8(¶) ag-NOS-tuh-siz-uhm
agora* (marketplace)it ATHENS(¶)(¶) AG-uh-ruh, A-guh-ruh, AG-uhr-uh, AG-er-uh, also ah'guh-RAH [not uh-GOR-uh]
agora* (coin in Israel)payment [of money]
in some Bibles: coin, gera [of silver], little piece/piece/small coin/wage [of silver], payment [of money], small coin
Illustration; compare 1 Samuel 2:36 (h95)(¶) ah-GAWR-uh, -GOHR-uh; Seph. Heb., ah-gaw-RAH
Agrapha*(¶) A-gruh-fuh
AgrippaA·grip'paActs 25:13 (g67)(¶) uh-GRIP-uh*
AgurA'gurProverbs 30:1 (h94)AY-guhr*
in some Bibles: Xerxes
Ezra 4:6 (h325)uh-haz'yoo-EE-ruhs, ah-haz'uh-EE-ruhs* [not uh-HAZ-yoo-ruhs]
AhavaA·ha'vaEzra 8:15 (h163)ah-HAY-vah*, uh-HAY-vuh
AhaziahA·ha·zi'ah1 Kings 22:51 (h274)ay'huh-ZI-uh*
AhiahAhijah1 Samuel 14:18, KJ, Yg (h281)uh-HI-uh
AhijahA·hi'jah1 Samuel 14:18 (h281)uh-HI-juh*
in DRC: Ahicam
2 Kings 22:14 (h296)uh-HI-kuhm*
AhimaazA·him'a·az1 Samuel 14:50 (h290)uh-HIM-ay-az, uh-HIM-uh-az(')*
AhimelechA·him'e·lech1 Samuel 21:1 (h288)uh-HIM-uh-lek*
AhinoamA·hin'o·am1 Samuel 14:50 (h293)uh-HIN-oh-uhm, uh-HIN-uh-am'*
AhithophelA·hith'o·phel2 Samuel 15:12 (h302)uh-HITH-uh-fel, ah-*
in some Bibles: Oholah, Oola, Oolla
Ezekiel 23:4, KJ, Yg (h170)uh-HOH-luh
in many Bibles: Oholiab; in some Bibles: Ooliab
Exodus 31:6, AMP, Da, KJ, Leeser, LITV, Yg (h171)uh-HOH-lee-ab
in some Bibles: Oholibah, Ooliba
Ezekiel 23:4, KJ, Yg (h172)uh-HOH-lih-buh
Ahriman*g84 6/8 6(¶) AHR-ih-muhn, -mahn'
Ahura Mazda*
aka Ohrmazd, Ormazd*
dp 151(¶)(¶) ah-hoor'uh MAZ-duh, uh-huhr'uh MAZ-duh, ah- [not MAHZ-]
in some Bibles: Hai
Genesis 12:8 (h5857)AY-i*, ay-I
in some Bibles: Ajalon, Ayalon
Joshua 10:12 (h357)I-juh-lon*, AY-juh-lon, AJ-uh-lon
Aijeleth-ShaharThe Hind of the Dawn
in some Bibles: A Deer at Dawn, Aijeleth ha-Shahar, Aijeleth-hash-shahar, Doe/Hind of the Dawn/Morning, for the morning protection, Morning Doe, Sunrise
Psalm 22 superscription, Da, KJ, others (h365 + h7837)ay'juh-leth-SHAY-hahr, aj'uh-leth-
in some Bibles: Aceldama, Akel Dama, Haceldama, Hakeldama
Acts 1:19 (g184)uh-KEL-duh-muh* [not ak'uhl-DAH-muh]
also Ikhnaton
it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Spiritual and moral qualities lacking)(¶) ahk'NAH-tuhn, ah'kuh-
ancient Thyatira
w03 5/15 15(¶) ahk'hih-SAHR, ah'kih-SAHR
Akiba ben Joseph*w97 11/15 27(¶) ah-KEE-bah ben JO-zuhf, -suhf, uh-KEE-vuh
also Accad
it ACCAD(¶) AK-ad, A-kad', AH-kahd'
Akkadian*w06 12/15 12(¶) uh-KAY-dee-uhn
Akko*see Acco
Akrabbim(ascent of) A·krab'bim
see also Maaleh-acrabbim
Numbers 34:4 (h4610)uh-KRAB-im, uh-KRA-bim*
AlamothAl'a·moth1 Chronicles 15:20 (h5961)AL-uh-moth*
ancient Philadelphia
it PHILADELPHIA(¶) a'luh-shuh-HIHR, ah'luh-, ah-LAH-sheh-heer'
albeitEzekiel 13:7, AS, JPS, KJ; Philemon 19 KJ (g3363)(¶) awl-BEE-uht, al-, ol-
aka Cathari
w95 9/1 28(¶) al'bih-JEN-seez, al'buh- [not AL-buh-jen'sez']
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:1 (verse heading)(¶) AH-lef'*, -luhf
ancient Beroea or Berea, Syria
w00 2/15 29(¶) uh-LEH-poh(']
AlexanderAlexander [Al·ex·an'der]Acts 19:33 (g223)(¶) al'ig-ZAN-duhr*, -ZAHN-
AlexandriaAlexandria [Al·ex·an'dria]Acts 18:24 (g221)(¶) al'ig-ZAN-dree-uh*, -ZAHN-
Bible codex
it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Alexandrine Manuscript)al'ig-zan-DRI-nuhs
Alexandroúpolis*dp 155ah'le-ksahn-DROO-paw-lees
in some Bibles: almug, juniper, sandalwood, sandal-wood, thyine
1 Kings 10:11 (h484)AL-guhm
Allah*g04 1/22 10(¶)(¶) AH-luh, A-luh, AL-uh, AH-lah', ah-LAH
allegorysymbolic dramaGalatians 4:24, AS, DRB, KJ (g238)(¶) AL-uh-gohr'ee, -gawr'-, A-luh-gawr'ee [not uh-LEG-uh-ree]
AlleluiaPraise Jah, you people!
in some Bibles: Hallelujah, Halleluyah! Praise God! Praise [the] Lord[!]
Revelation 19:1, DRB, KJ, Yg (g239)(¶) al'uh-LOO-yuh
almondalmondEcclesiastes 12:5 (h8247)(¶) AH-muhnd, AHL-, AM-uhnd, AL-muhnd
in some Bibles: algum, almugwood, juniper, sandal[-]wood, thyine
1 Kings 10:11, KJ (h484)AL-muhg, AWL-
Song of Solomon 4:14; Psalm 45:8 (h174)AL-ohz
AlphaAl'phaRevelation 1:8 (g1)(¶) AL-fuh
in some Bibles: Alpheus
Acts 1:13 (g256)(¶) al-FEE-uhs*
Altaschith, Al-taschithDo not bring to ruin
in some Bibles: al tashcheth, Al-tashheth, corrupt not, Destroy not, Do Not Destroy, Don’t Destroy
Psalms 57, 58, 59, and 75 superscriptions in BE, KJ, Webster (h516)al-TAS-kith
Alwand* (Mount)it ECBATANAAHL-wahnd, AH-vahnd
Amalek, AmalekiteAm'a·lek; A·mal'ek·iteGenesis 36:12 (h6002); 2 Samuel 1:8 (h6003)(¶) AM-uh-lek*; uh-MAL-uh-kit*
Song of Solomon 4:8, AMP, DRB, KJ, others (h549)uh-MAY-nuh*
amanuensis*w67 4/15 230(¶) uh'man-yuh-WEN(T)-suhs, uh-man'yoo-EN-sis
AmariahAm·a·ri'ahZephaniah 1:1 (h568)am'uh-RI-uh*
Amarna, Tel el*it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Israel’s slavery)(¶) TEL el' uh-MAHR-nuh
AmasaA·ma'sa2 Samuel 17:25 (h6021)ah-MAY-suh,* uh- [not uh-MAS-uh]
AmaziahAm·a·zi'ah2 Kings 14:1 (h558)am'uh-ZI-uh*
in most Bibles: left-handed
Judges 3:15 ftn.; Judges 20:16 MSG (h334 + h3027 + h3225)(¶) am'bih-DEK-struhs
ambiguousambiguousDaniel 8:23 (h2420)(¶) am-BIG-yoo-uhs, am-BIH-gyuh-wuhs
aka Amil-Marduk, Evil-merodach
w11 11/1 24ah'meel-MAHR-dook*
AmenAmenPsalm 41:13 (h543); Revelation 3:14 (g281)(¶) AY-men', ah-MEN
in some Bibles: condemn, fine
Deuteronomy 22:19, ESV, KJ (h6848)(¶) uh-MUHRS
amethystamethystRevelation 21:20 (g271)(¶) AM-uh-thist('), -thuhst
Am Haarets*‘am ha·’a'rets
Heb., ‘am ha·’a'retz, “people of the land”
Jeremiah 1:18 ftn. (h5971, h776); g77 5/22 4ahm' hah-AHR-ets, ahm'hah(')-AH-rets'
Amharic*it ETHIOPIA(¶) am-HER-ik, am-HA-rik, am-HAH-rik, ahm-
amicus curiae*g85 9/8 13(¶) uh-MEE-kuhs, -MI-, KYUR-ee-i', KUR-, -ih-ee'
aka Amel-Marduk, Evil-merodach
w12 6/1 5ah-MEEL-mahr-dook'*
AmittaiA·mit'taiJonah 1:1 (h573)uh-MIT-ti*, uh-MIT-i
AmmielAm'mi·el2 Samuel 9:4 (h5988)AM-ee-el*, -uhl
in some Bibles: Aminadab
Ruth 4:19 (h5992)uh-MIN-uh-dab
compare Amon
Genesis 19:38 (h5983)(¶)(¶) AM-uhn* [not AY-muhn]
AmmoniteAm'mon·iteNehemiah 2:10 (h5984)(¶)(¶) AM-uh-nit*, A-muh-nit
AmnonAm'non2 Samuel 13:1 (h550)AM-non, AM-nuhn*
compare Ammon
2 Kings 21:19 (h526)AY-muhn*, AY-mohn*, AM-uhn
AmoriteA'mor·ite (I)
in some Bibles: Amorites, Amorrhite, Emorite
Genesis 10:16 (h567)(¶) AM-uh-rit* [not uh-MOHR-it]
AmosA'mosAmos 1:1 (h5986)(¶) AY-muhs*
AmozA'mozIsaiah 1:1 (h531)AY-moz*, -muhz
AmphipolisAm·phip'o·lisActs 17:1 (g295)am-FIP-uh-luhs*, -lis, ahm-FIH-puh-lis
AmramAm'ramExodus 6:20 (h6019)AM-ram*
AmraphelAm'ra·phelGenesis 14:1 (h569)AM-ruh-fel*
Amurru*it AMORITE (The ‘Amurru’)uh-MOO-roo
anachronism*w60 6/1 349(¶) uh-NAK-ruh-niz'uhm
anagoge*, anagogy*(¶) AN-uh-goh'jee
Anak, AnakimA'nak; An'a·kimDeuteronomy 9:2 (h6062, h6061)AY-nak; AN-uh-kim*
in some Bibles: Anamelech
2 Kings 17:31 (h6048)uh-NAM-uh-lek*
AnaniasAn·a·ni'asActs 5:1 (g367)(¶) an'uh-NI-uhs*
anaphora*(¶)(definition) uh-NAF-uh-ruh, uh-NA-f(uh-)ruh
Anat*w03 7/15 26AH-naht
Anathema Maranatha"accursed" + "O our Lord come!"1 Corinthians 16:22, KJ (g331 + g3134)(¶) uh-NATH-uh-muh mar'uh-NATH-uh
AnathothAn'a·thothJeremiah 1:1 (h6068)AN-uh-thoth, -thohth
Anatolia*g92 1/8 7(¶) a'nuh-TOH-lee-uh, -TOHL-yuh
AndronicusAn·dron'i·cusRomans 16:7 (g408)an-DRON-uh-kuhs*
angelangelGenesis 22:11 (h4397); Matthew 1:20 (g32)(¶)(¶) AYN-juhl
animism*sh 23(¶)(¶) AN-uh-miz'uhm
aka crux ansata
w68 2/1 95(¶)(¶) AHNGK, AHngGK, ANGK
AnnaAnna [An'na]
in some Bibles: Hannah
Luke 2:36 (g451)AN-uh* [not AH-nuh]
AnnasAn'nasLuke 3:2 (g452)AN-uhs* [not AY-nuhs]
Anshan*dp 149; it CYRUSahn-shahn
antagonistantagonistIsaiah 50:8 (h1167)(¶) an-TAG-uh-nist
compare postdiluvian
w02 3/1 5(¶) an'tih-duh-LOO-vee-uhn, an'tee-dih-, -di(')-
anthropomorphic*it SOUL (God as Having Soul)(¶) an(t)'thruh-puh-MOR-fik
Antigonus Gonatas*dp 215(¶) an-TIG-uh-nuhs goh-NAY-tuhs
aka Amanah
Song of Solomon 4:8 (h549)(¶) an'tee-LEB-uh-nuhn*, an-tih-
in contrast to Homologoumena
(¶) AN-tih-lee-gom'ee-na, an'tih-lee-GOM-eh-nah, an'tih-luh-GOM-uh-nuh, an(')-ti-luh-gah-muh-nuh, -tee-
antinomian*(¶) an'tih-NOH-mee-uhn
antinomianism*(¶) an'tih-NOH-mee-uh-nih'zuhm
AntiochAntioch [An'ti·och]Acts 11:26 (g490)(¶) AN-tee-ahk*
compare Antiochian*
(¶) an-TI-uh-keen', an'tee-ah(')-KEEN
compare Antiochene*
w96 3/15 28(¶) an'tee-OH-kee-uhn, -AH-
Antiochus Epiphanes*dp 13; 1 Maccabees 1:10(¶) an-TI-uh-kuhs, ayn-, ee-PIF-uh-neez
AntipasAn'ti·pasRevelation 2:13 (g493)(¶) AN-tuh-puhs, -tee-, AN-tih-puhs*, -pas'
Antipater*it ANTIPAS(¶) an-TIP-uh-tuhr, an-TIH-puh-tuhr [not an'tuh-PAY-tuhr]
AntipatrisAn·tip'a·trisActs 23:31 (g494)an-TIP-uh-tris*
antithesis*, anthitheses*it EVIL(¶)(¶) an-TIH-thuh-suhs, an-TITH-uh-suhs; pl. an-TIH-thuh-seez'
Antonia*it ANTONIA, TOWER OFan-TOH-nee-uh, -TON-yuh
Anu*dp 71; it GODS AND GODDESSES (Babylonian Deities)AY-noo, ah-NOO, UH-NOO
Anubis*sh 50 (illustration), 53(¶) uh-NOO-buhs, -NYOO-
in some Bibles: anxieties, anxious cares, cares, concern, troubles, worries
1 Peter 5:7 (g3308)(¶) ang-ZI-uh-tee*
in some Bibles: over-anxious, perpetually uneasy, solicitous, thought, trouble, worry/worrying
Matthew 6:25 (g3309)(¶) ANG(K)-shuhs*
aorist*it GREEK(¶) AY-uh-ruhst, EH-uh-
aoristic*w57 2/15 127(¶) ay'uh-RIS-tik, eh'uh-
in some Bibles: Beth-le-aphrah, Beth Leaphrah, house of Dust
Micah 1:10 (h1036)AF-ruh
Aphrodite*it GREECE, GREEKS (Greek Religion)”(¶) af'ruh-DI-tee
Apis*it BULL; dp 158(¶) AY-pis, -puhs
Bible book
bm 3, 30; it REVELATION TO JOHN(¶) uh-POK-uh-lips', uh-PAH-kuh-lips'
Apocrypha*it APOCRYPHA(¶) uh-POK-ruh-fuh*, uh-PAH-kruh-fuh
apocryphal*dp 24(¶) uh-PAH-kruh-fuhl
ApolloA·pol'losActs 18:24 DRB (h8625)(¶) uh-POL-oh, -PAH-loh(')
ApollosA·pol'losActs 18:24 (g625)uh-POL-uhs*
ApolloniaAp·ol·lo'ni·aActs 17:1 (g624)ap'uh-LOH-nee-uh*
compare Abaddon
Revelation 9:11 (g623)(¶) uh-POL-yuhn, -PAHL-, uh-PAH-lee-uhn, uh-POL-ee-ahn*
apologetics*g82 7/8 22(¶) uh-pah'luh-JEH-tiks, uh-pol'uh-JET-iks
apologia*(¶) ap'uh-LOH-j(ee-)uh
aposiopesis*2 Samuel 23:17 ftn.(¶) ap'uh-si'uh-PEE-suhs
in some Bibles: Hebrew Scriptures: corruption, defilement, godlessness, hypocrisy, lawless deeds, profaneness, ungodliness, wickedness; Greek Scriptures: defection, departing, departure, falling away, Great Rebellion, great revolt, rebellion, revolt
Isaiah 32:6; Jeremiah 23:15 (h2612, h2613); 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (g646)(¶) uh-PAHS-tuh-see
in some Bibles: evil-doer, godless, hypocrite(s), profane (man), ungodly, wicked
Job 8:13 (h2611)(¶) uh-pos'tayt', uh-PAHS-tayt', -tuht
apostatize*it APOSTASY(¶) uh-PAHS-tuh-tiz' [not uh-PAHS-tuh-siz]
apostleapostle1 Corinthians 9:1 (g652)(¶) uh-PAH-suhl (silent “t”)
apostolic*it APOSTLE(¶) ap'uh-STAH-lik
apothecaryointment maker
in some Bibles: compounder, perfume-maker, perfumer
Exodus 30:35, KJ (h7543)(¶) uh-PAH-thuh-ker'ee
apotheosis*w60 8/1 476(¶) uh-pah'thee-OH-suhs, a'puh-THEE-uh-suhs
apparitionapparitionMatthew 14:26 (g5326)(¶) ap'uh-RISH-uhn
ApphiaAp'phi·aPhilemon 2 (g682)AP-fee-uh*, AF-ee-uh
Appian* (Way)it HIGHWAY, ROAD(¶) AP-ee-uhn
AppiiMarketplace of Ap'pi·us
forum or market; in some Bibles: Appius
Acts 28:15, KJ (g675)AP-ee-i
AppiusAp'pi·usActs 28:15 (g675)AP-ee-uhs*
aka Hophra
it HOPHRAAY-pree-eez
Aqaba*, Aqabah*Deuteronomy 1:1 ftn.; w76 6/15 381(¶) AK-uh-buh, AHK-
aqueductconduitIsaiah 36:2 Da, HNV (h8585)(¶) AK-wih-dukt('), AK-wuh-duhkt' [not AHK-]
AquilaAq'ui·laActs 18:2 (g207)(¶) AK-wih-luh* [not uh-KWIH-luh]
Aquinas* (Thomas)w05 4/1 5(¶) uh-KWI-nuhs
a people
Isaiah 13:20 (h6163)(¶) AIR-uhb, dial. AY-rab'
ArabArab [A'rab]
a town
Joshua 15:52 (h693)AY-rab
ArabahAr'a·bahJoshua 18:18 (h6160)(¶) AIR-uh-bah*, AIR-uh-buh*, AR-uh-buh, AHR-ah-buh , AH-rah-bah
ArabiaArabiaGalatians 1:17 (g688)(¶) uh-RAY-bee-uh*
Arabic*, arabic*
language; tree gum
it ARABIA(¶) AIR-uh-bik, A-ruh-bik, ER-uh-bik, [not uh-RAY-bik]
AramA'ramGenesis 10:22 (h758)AY-ruhm, A-, ER-, AY-ram*, some sources, AIR-uhm
AramaicAr·a·ma'icEzra 4:7 (h762)(¶) air'uh-MAY-ik
in some Bibles: Aramaic, language of the Aramites, Syrian language/tongue
Ezra 4:7 BE, Yg (h762)(¶) a'ruh-MEE-uhn, air'uh-MEE-uhn
Aram-naharaim, Aram NaharaimA'ram-na·ha·ra'im
in some Bibles: Mesopotamia
Psalm 60 superscription (or 60:1) (h763)AY-ruhm-nah-hah-RAY-im*, air'uhm-nay-huh-RAY-im
Aram-ZobahA'ram-Zo'bahPsalm 60 superscription (h760)AY-ram-ZOH-bah*, air'uhm-ZOH-buh
AraratGenesis 8:4 (h780)(¶)(¶) AIR-uh-rat'*, AR-
aka Ornan
2 Samuel 24:16 (h728)uh-RAW-nuh, ay-, uh-RAH-nuh*
Arcadius*dp 243ahr-KAY-dee-uhs
archangelarchangelJude 9 (g743)(¶)(¶) AHRK-ayn(')-juhl, AHRCH-
variant: archeology
it ARCHAEOLOGY(¶) ahr'kee-AH-luh-jee, -OL-uh-
ArchelausAr·che·la'usMatthew 2:22 (g745)ahr'kuh-LAY-uhs*
archenemy*w06 1/15 21(¶)(¶) ahrch(')-EH-nuh-mee, ahrch-EN-uh-mee; AHRCH-EN-uh-mee [not ark(')-]
ArchippusAr·chip'pusPhilemon 2 (g751)ahr-KIP-uhs* [not ahr-CHIP-uhs]
AreopagusAr·e·op'a·gusActs 17:19 (g697)(¶) air'ee-OP-uh-guhs*, a'ree-AH-puh-guhs
Ares*Acts 17:19 ftn. for “Areopagus”(¶)(¶) AIR-eez, ER-eez(')
AretasA·re'tas2 Corinthians 11:32 (g702)(¶)(reference only)(reference only) uh-REE-tuhs*, Gk., ar-ET-as, AIR-uh-tuhs, -tas
Arian*, Arianism*w98 3/15 27, 28(¶)(¶) A-ree-uhn, ER-uh-uhn; A-ree-uh-nih'zuhm
ArielAr'i·elIsaiah 29:1 (h740)(¶) AIR-ee-uhl, AHR-ee-el, ER-ee-uhl*, A-ree-uhl
Arimathaea, ArimatheaAr·i·ma·the'aMatthew 27:57 (g707)(¶) air'uh-muh-THEE-uh*, a'ruh-
AriochAr'i·ochDaniel 2:14 (h746)AIR-ee-ok*
AristarchusAr·is·tar'chusActs 20:4 (g708)(¶) air'is-TAHR-kuhs*, a'ruh-STAR-kuhs
AristobulusA·ris·tob'u·lusRomans 16:10 (g711)air'is-TOB-yuh-luhs*
Aristotelean*, Aristotelian*dp 155(¶) air'uh-stuh-TEEL-yuhn, -TEE-lee-uhn, a'ruh-stuh-TEEL-yuhn
Aristotle*dp 155(¶) air'uh-STAH-tuhl, ar'ih-STOT-uhl, A-ruh-stah-tuhl
Arius*w98 3/15 28AR-ee-uhs, ER-
Armada*w88 5/15 24; dp 138ahr-MAH-duh, -MAY-
in some Bibles: Armageddon, Har-Magedon, Harmagedon, Har Megiddo
Revelation 16:16 ftn.; Revelation 16:16, KJ (g717)(¶)(¶) ahr'muh-GED-uhn, ahr'muh-GE-duhn, ahr-muh-GED-n
Arminius*dp 236(¶) ahr-MIN-ee-uhs, -MIH-nee-
ArnonAr'nonNumbers 22:36 (h769)AHR-nuhn, AHR-non*
in some Bibles: Arphaxad
Genesis 10:22 (h775)ahr-PAK-shad*
in most Bibles: Arpachshad
Genesis 10:22 ACV, Da, DRC, KJ (h775)ahr-FAK-sad
ArtaxerxesAr·ta·xerx'esEzra 4:7 (h783)(¶) ahr'tuh-ZUHRK-seez*, ahr'tuhg-ZUHRK-seez('), ahr'tak-SUHRK-seez
ArtemasAr'te·masTitus 3:12 (g734)AHR-tuh-muhs*, AHR-tuh-mas*
in some Bibles: Diana
Acts 19:24 (g735)(¶) AHR-tuh-mis*, -muhs
in some Bibles: forger, made . . . tools, manufacturer, smith of . . . tools
Genesis 4:22, DRB, DRC, KJ, Leeser (h2794)(¶) ahr-TIH-fuh-suhr, AHR-tuh-fuh-suhr
Aryan*it ORIGIN OF NATIONS(¶) A-ree-uhn, ER-ee-uhn, AHR-yuhn
AsahiahA·sai'ah (I)
in some Bibles: Asaiah, Asaia (DRB)
2 Kings 22:14 KJ, Webster (h6222)as'uh-HI-uh
AsaiahA·sai'ah (I)
in some Bibles: Asahiah, Asaia (DRB)
2 Kings 22:14 (h6222)uh-ZAY-yuh, uh-SI-ah*
AsaphA'saphPsalm 50 superscription (h623)AY-saf*
also Aesculapius, Asklepios
it DISEASES AND TREATMENT (Influence of Magic and of False Religion)(¶) uh-SKLEE-pee-uhs; es'kyuh-LAY-pee-uhs
in some Bibles: Asenaphar, Ashurbanipal, Asnappar, Osnappar
Ezra 4:10 (h620)AS-uh-nap'uhr*
AsenathAs'e·nathGenesis 41:45 (h621)AS-uh-nath*(')
Asgard*g00 12/8 27(¶) AS-gahrd, AZ-
in some Bibles: Azotus
Joshua 11:22 (h795); Acts 8:40 (g108)(¶)(¶) ASH-dahd', ASH-dod
AsherAsh'erGenesis 30:13 (h836)(¶) ASH-uhr*, A-shuhr
Asherahsacred pole
in some Bibles: grove, holy tree, pillars
Deuteronomy 16:21 DRB (h842)ASH-uh-ruh, uh-SHIHR-uh, -SHEER-
AshkelonAsh'ke·lonJudges 14:19 (h831)(¶) ASH-kuh-lon*
AshkenazAsh'ke·nazGenesis 10:3 (h813)ASH-keh-naz*, -kuh- [not -nahz]
Ashkenazi*sh 216(¶) ahsh'kuh-NAH-zee, ash'kuh-NAZ-ee
AshpenazAsh'pe·nazDaniel 1:3 (h828)ASH-peh-naz*, -puh-
AshtorethAsh'to·reth (I)
in some Bibles: Ashtoreth, Ashtoreths, Ashtaroth, Astaroth, Astarte
Judges 2:13 (h6252)(¶) ASH-tuh-reth*(')
aka Asenappar
Ezra 4:8 (10) CEV(¶) ash'uhr-BAN-uh-puhl, ah'suhr-BAH-nuh-pahl', ah'shuhr-*
Ashurnasirpal*w88 2/15 25ash'uhr-NAS-uhr-puhl
AsiaAsia1 Peter 1:1 (g773)(¶) AY-shuh, -zhuh*
Assalam ‘alaikum*, as-salaam alaikum*
Arabic, “Peace be with you”; compare Shalom aleichem*
w84 8/15 19(¶) uhs-suh-LAHM-uh-LI-kum
AsshurAs'shurGenesis 10:22 (h804)ASH-uhr, AS-shur'*
modern Behramköy
Acts 20:13 (g789)AS-ohs
assuagehold back
in some Bibles: asswage, ease, relieve, spare, sparing
Job 16:5, KJ (h2820)(¶) uh-SWAYJ, also uh-SWAYZH, -SWAHZH
Assyria, AssyrianAs·syr'i·a; As·syr'i·anGenesis 2:14 (h804); Isaiah 10:5 (h804)(¶)(¶) uh-SIHR-ee-uh*; uh-SIHR-ee-uhn*
AstarteAsh'to·reth(I)1 Samuel 7:4 God’s Word(¶)(¶ a-STAHR-tee, uh-
Astyages*dp 149; it CYRUSas-TI-uh-jeez
asunderasunderHebrews 11:37 (g599)(¶) uh-SUHN-duhr
AthaliahAth·a·li'ah2 Kings 8:26 (h6271)ath'uh-LI-uh*
Athanasian*g94 9/8 11(¶)(¶) ath'uh-NAY-zhuhn, -shuhn
Athanasius*w01 4/15 19

- Почему вы считаете, будто Танкадо не знал, что на него совершено покушение. Смит откашлялся. - Халохот ликвидировал его с помощью НТП - непроникающей травматической пули. Это резиновая капсула, которая при попадании растворяется. Все тихо и чисто.

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