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Dissertations for Music Education

  • Agnew, Shawn M.

    Factors influencing the implementation of technology in the music classroom

    M.M.E. thesis, University of Kansas.

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  • Arms Gilbert, Linda

    The effects of computer-assisted keyboard instruction on meter discrimination and rhythm discrimination of general music education students in the elementary school

    Ph.D. thesis, Tennessee State University.

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  • Atticks, Barry Gray

    The effectiveness of three-dimensional computer animation on listeners affective and cognitive responses towards contemporary electronic spacemusic utilizing three-dimensional audio (surround sound)

    Ph.D. thesis, The Pennsylvania State University.

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  • Auh, Yoon-il

    Designing and creating an interdisciplinary learning environment using cognitive flexibility theory for knowledge promotion acquisition among advanced music students

    Ph.D. thesis, Teachers College, Columbia University.

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  • Ballif, Adam B.

    A clarinet repertoire software database for college teachers

    Ph.D. thesis, Arizona State University.

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  • Bechen, Eugene Francis

    Sources of stress as perceived by preservice and inservice Iowa music educators

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Iowa.

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  • Beckstead, David J.

    Composers in Electronic Residence: Music, technology and textual presence

    Ph.D. thesis, Simon Fraser University .

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  • Bell, Adam Patrick

    Oblivious trailblazers: Case studies of the role of recording technology in the music-making processes of amateur home studio users

    Ph.D. thesis, New York University.

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  • Bennett, Katharine Wilhelmina (Joy)

    A case study of perceptions of students, teachers, and administrators on distance learning and music education in Newfoundland and Labrador: A constructivist perspective

    Master's thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland .

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  • Benson, Cynthia Ann Stephens

    The effects of instructional media on group piano student performance achievement and attitude

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Texas at Austin.

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  • Berard, Michael

    Production and evaluation of a self-instructional method for teaching jazz guitar

    Master's thesis, Concordia University .

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  • Biello, Antonio D.

    A model for developing interactive instructional multimedia applications for electronic music instructors

    Ph.D. thesis, Nova Southeastern University.

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  • Bodley, Derrill George

    The development and testing of an interactive listening guide system for instructors of music appreciation

    Ph.D. thesis, University of the Pacific.

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  • Bowyer, Donald William

    A new approach to computer-assisted instruction in music theory for elementary and middle school children

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Northern Colorado.

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  • Brewster, Michael Scott

    The effects of a constructivist-inspired Web-based summary portal on examination performance in music for an online course

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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  • Britt, Mark Ewart

    The effects of computerized visual reinforcement on the development and enhancement of selected trombone techniques: A case study

    Ph.D. thesis, The Florida State University.

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  • Brook, Julia

    An on-line digital video library of piano teaching: A case study with five teachers

    Master of Arts thesis, University of Ottawa .

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  • Brown, Daniel James

    The collaborative rehearsal: Blogging as a reflective paradigm for band

    Ph.D. thesis, Teachers College, Columbia University.

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  • Broyles, Julia Woodward

    Effects of videotape analysis on role development of student teachers in music

    Ph.D. thesis, The University of Oklahoma.

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  • Bula, Josh A.

    Technology-based music courses and non-traditional music students in secondary schools

    Ph.D. thesis, The Florida State University.

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This survey study was designed to determine attributes of, and attitudes toward, the doctoral dissertation. Of particular interest was music education faculty awareness and implementation of project-based dissertations as alternatives to traditional dissertations. Respondents, music education program heads at doctoral granting institutions (N = 46, 85% return), agreed strongly that the dissertation should make a contribution to knowledge and that the outcome of doctoral programs should be skilled researchers, but indicated that less than half of recent graduates published a research or practitioner article based on the dissertation. Only eight participants responded that their students had an option for completing their doctoral dissertation in any format other than the traditional dissertation. Only 53% of respondents were familiar with the project-based doctoral dissertation, which may explain the relatively neutral responses to questions related to the appropriateness of this format. Faculty were only moderately interested in the format, but almost all estimated stronger interest on the part of their doctoral students.

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