Perfect Society Essay

Ideal Society

The ideal society to most people is one where there is no war and everyone lives in peace and harmony. These kind of Utopias have been documented in many books as far back as the 380 BC in Plato’s work the Republic. According to this work, Plato believed that if we had four classes of people, Gold, Sliver, Bronze, and Iron, we could all live in peace. The highest-ranking people would be well educated and could figure out how to get rid of poverty and eliminate war. Since then many books have been written that show what the ideal society should be like, including Thomas More’s Utopia, which some saw as a blueprint of the ideal society they would want to live in.

These kind of ideal societies are still written about today. In books like The Giver, The Hunger Games, and the Divergent novels, these are the pictures of perfect societies in the eyes of the authors but by the end of them there is always an uprising. That gives you a clue to what it would be like if one of these societies was actually implemented in our world. These societies would always seem like a good idea until the power start to use the people for their own gain. Like in all societies, there is always at least one person or group that doesn’t agree with the rules of the society hence the outcry for change.

If there were to be an ideal society, then everyone would have the same; no one would have more or less then the other people. There wouldn’t be war and we would all get along. Every person in the world would have enough food to eat and have a good job but this just isn’t the world we live in today. We live in a world where we can have want we want and we have the opportunity to get what we want if we work for it. Many may see that if everyone were treated equally that then there wouldn’t be a problem with war and fighting. But there will always be people with more and there is nothing we can do about it. We can actually take a lesson from the books written on the subject of an ideal society and see that no matter how well the society is planned out, there will always be a disagreement to some degree in the society.

There have variety of definition for a perfect society, which could be depended on different point of views. In my opinion, a perfect society can be described as a place where has a good basic social security, everybody lives in safe life.

The most crucial element to become a perfect society is social security system which can be seen as a fundamental level of food, shelter, especially education and healthy care facilities that are necessary for survival of all human. Take developed countries such as US for instance, there had a good welfare system. All of the children can go to school and the tuition fees are paid by government until they reach at the age of 18. Retirement pension, Survivor's benefifs, which are for the elder who are too old to work. In addition, a Public Service for low income persons was set up, such as Public low income housing which money is given by government to people who do not earn much, to help them find a place for living. Food stamps, Medicaid that are the systems provide food and medical care for poor people.

The second point for ideal society needs to be considered is safe life. If there are no crimes such as theft, burglary or robbery in society, people will not live in fear. For example, Hong Kong where people live in control of law. Police officers who walk or drive around to make sure that there are no trouble or crime. Patrolling can be seen everywhere.

However, It is a very difficult task to create an ideal society. In order to do that, there are somethings must be followed. Firstly, all people have to get on well with each other, each person who live in society must obey the laws and rules, which is published by government. Secondly, People have to go to work, do not live base on social benefits. There have no development or economy will come down, sooner or later, this society will wipe-out if all people live on benefits

In conclusion, a perfect society can be created if all people agree to cooperate in planning and achieving to make a great future

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