Racial Profiling Argumentative Essay Example

Second Claim

Starting Sentence Option 1: Every day, [statistics]. There are [stats] in the U.S. on an annual basis and these are mostly committed by [race], which may lead to the assumption that [assumption]. Unfortunately, police are often guilty of racial profiling and [second claim].

Starting Sentence Option 2: According to [study], racial profiling is [statistics] and [situation]. This is a serious [issue/problem] and it needs to be handled now. Despite laws against it, racial profiling [second claim].

  • Racial profiling has resulted in lawsuits against the police and companies that have indulged in it.
  • Creating criminal profiles can lead to racial profiling.
  • Racial profiling includes not only ethnicity, but country of origin, religion and other factors that can affect a person’s perception.
  • Despite radical advances in civil rights, the U.S. still deals with a lot of racial profiling.
  • Terrorism is one of the main reasons racial profiling is still considered acceptable by some.

National Institute of Justice


Racial Profiling After September 11

Essay on An Argument Against Racial Profiling

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When people act on their stereotypical views, that is when stereotyping becomes a big concern and can affect others.Stereotyping is the main cause that leads to profiling. Anyone of any race can experience profiling, and racial profiling discriminates and victimizes people who may not necessarily be committing a crime.
Innocent minorities may be portrayed to do be doing something bad. According to Sameera Hazif, Policy Director of Rights Working Group, an African American named Mahari Bailey was driving in his Range Rover and was asked to stop four times just because the police thought he was acting suspiciously (Hazif). Latino-immigrant, Angel Castro-Torres was stopped on his motorcycle by two police officers because he looked Latino.…show more content…

Selena the “queen of tejano” was also denied access in a store when buying a dress for the Grammy’s, they assumed she couldn't afford something expensive because she was hispanic (Goff) . Barack Obama is the most surprising individual who has been racially profiled by being denied access to a store and he has said how car doors have locked when he passes by on the streets (Goff). Racial profiling has to do with stereotyping. Its assumes that what you hear is true about a race but in real life, every single person, culture,or color aren't the same. Most celebrities have been racially profiled happened in stores that only care about the look of it. These stores don't care about the well-being of a customer.Stores are judgemental when it comes to the color of a customer's skin and unfairly singling people out. There had been racial profiling allegations against Barneys New York that they accused two black customers of fraud when buying expensive items.(Burke) This was called the “shop and frisk” scandal (Burke). Barneys had made a bad word for themselves while trying to maintain the stores high end name by not having blacks shopping in their store. In the Trayvon Martin case, many people suspect George Zimmerman racially profiled(NeJame). Zimmerman,a neighborhood watch volunteer, had shot

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