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Hey guys, recently some of you asked if I’m still active. So I just wanted to let you know that I am active!

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German Homework

Wohin Oder Wo?

Ich bin in dem (im) Kino?Und du?

Ich gehe heute Abend in die Disco.

Heute bleibe ich in der Schule bis 13 Uhr.

Anonymous asked: Hello! Are you still active here? I know this is a long shot, but do you think you'll be active by next September? I plan on taking a German class once a week during the next school year, and since nobody in my family can speak a word of German, I figure I may need to come to this blog quite a bit. ^///^ I'm learning German just because, well, I want to. I think it'd be cool to learn a different language, and from what I've seen, it seems slightly similar to English. Anyway, Danke! :3

hey! yes i’m active.. currently i have a lot to do for school but next semptember i’ll have more time and i can help you! :)

Hey Guys!

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Just wanted to see if you're still active here. I would like to ask you if you could help me with my german homework, as in, to correct my grammatical errors. Thank you in advance and cheers!

Yeees I’m still active! Just send it to me :)


If anyone’s trying to learn a language I’ve recently discovered this company called the Language Pod Company and it is so much better than Rosetta Stone and it’s completely free (unless you’d like one-one-one teacher-student help then it’s like $25 a month which tbh you shouldn’t really need because they make it really clear in the lessons). It’s super easy to navigate and it even gives you a history of the language. There are audio and video lessons. Real-life situations and different speakers. They even write the letters for you because I know sometime it’s hard to learn to write in a language that doesn’t use the same alphabet that you’re used to. You’re welcome.  
































(Source: desidrake)

How to memorize vocabulary words?

Find the methods that work best for you

- Creating Associations 

- Use Mnemonics

- Be as creative as possible

- Integrate the new words into your environment

- Make the new words part of your life

- Turn learning into a game

- Make a visual record of your work

- Practice with flashcards

- Expose yourself to new words

- Test yourself

- Use your new words as often as possible

For a detailed description click here :)

If you have more ideas or strategies please tell about them in the answers!

German vocabulary list: Colors


  • rot (red)
  • rosa/pink (pink)
  • blau (blue)
  • hellblau (light blue)
  • dunkelblau (dark blue)
  • grün (green)
  • gelb (yellow)
  • orange (orange)
  • braun (brown)
  • beige (beige)
  • violett (violet)
  • lila (purple)
  • weiß  (white)
  • grau (grey)
  • schwarz (black)


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Need help with german homework?


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Fluency in German through self-study without immersion

I've just mastered German grammar with the help of the book 'Neue Horizonte' by David Dollenmayer and XXXXX XXXXXsen now what? Studying in Germany is out of the question due to sheer cost. So is taking classes and I don't have access to a German speaker. My goal is to become fluent through self-study without immersion. Am I just supposed to learn new words from a German-English dictionary and go over 501 German verbs? I need a *detailed* study plan preferably from someone who did become fluent in German. Also I've been trying to listen to Deutsche Welle but I still understand very little I guess this would also apply to German movies. Thank you for considering my question, David… read more

I know this is kind of disturbing, but how would you say Do

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Hello! Need a 3-4 Page piece on the summary/themes in novel

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1. Population of Belgium before 1939 2. Population after

1. Population of Belgium before 1939 2. Population after WWII. 3.Names of Concentraion Camps located in Belgium?4.What cities were destroyed in this Belgium ?5.How did they save the people in their Belgium?6.Did this Belgium have a resistance group?7.Did Belgium have Ghettos- if so in what cities?9.What products were not available because of the war?9.What historic places were or are available to visit in this country.Were any officiated by war?10.How did life differ before and after the war?11.Did the Jews survive and where did they go after the war? Are there any survivors alive today from Belgium?… read more

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