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"Episode 2"
Yuuko and Mio reacting to Mai during the stairs game.
Japanese Name: 日常の第二話
Romanized Name: Nichijou no Dai-ni-wa
English Name: Nichijou Episode 2
Directed by: Taichi Ishidate
Written by: Jukki Hanada
Original air date: April 11, 2011
Episode List
Episode 1
Episode 3

"Nichijou Episode 2" (日常の第二話,Nichijou no Dai-ni-wa?) is the second episode of the Nichijou anime. The episode was written by Jukki Hanada and directed by Taichi Ishidate. It aired on April 11, 2011.

Episode summary

While running late for school, Mio Naganohara ends up being chased by a girl wearing a bear mask, which turns out to be her older sister Yoshino playing a prank on her. Meanwhile, Nano Shinonome is shocked to find that Hakase has modified her body to produce desserts. Later, Mio lends Yuuko Aioi her notebook only to remember that she drew an erotic sketch of Koujirou Sasahara in there, and attempts to get it back. Meanwhile, Misato Tachibana tries to get Koujirou to cooperate with her on the festival committee seriously.



Mio, Yuuko, and Mai Minakami play the stair-climbing game, where players have a round of rock-paper-scissors, and the winner climbs a stair per mora[1] of any word. Mio wins first, and goes up the stairs. Yuuko wins the next round, but cheats by stretching her word into a phrase[2]. Mio gets upset but Yuuko thinks it should count. They ask Mai, who responds "Fifty-fifty," amusing neither Yuuko nor Mio. The next winner is Mai, who chants the lengthy Incantation of Resurrection, which gets her all the way to the top in a single turn. As a mystic wind blows, Mai turns and tells an incredulous Mio and Yuuko, "Spell of Resurrection." [Intro]

Part 5

Mio stares at her alarm clock in shock: It's stopped and now she's late for school. Panicked, Mio runs down the stairs and cries to her mom that she was supposed to wake Mio up at seven. However, when she gets downstairs, Mio finds a note from her mother saying that she went to play Sepak Takraw with her friends.

Brief transition with houses near a canal.

Still putting her shoes on, Mio hurries out the door and starts running to school. Mio gathers herself at a crossing, but she suddenly realizes she saw something very weird as she hurried out the door moments ago. As her memory rewinds like an old VHS tape, it pauses just outside her door and Mio is surprised by what we saw earlier: Another student, just standing outside her house, wearing a the head of a bear costume. Getting a bad feeling, Mio turns around and sees that weird thing is now chasing after her. Mio begins running away from it. The masked sprinter eventually passes Mio and suddenly halts in front of her, causing Mio to stop.

Brief transition, a couple in black walks near canal.

In a tense and dramatic standoff, the weird thing slowly walks up to Mio and reaches into its backpack. The unknown student asks if Mio dropped the wooden fish she pulls out of her backpack, and Mio is completely dumbstruck. The bear-headed sprinter puts the wooden fish back and asks if Mio dropped the golden fish she then pulls out.[3] Mio, fearing for her life, presents the weird thing with 2,000 yen. As the weird thing picks up the money, it makes a pun about sometimes being a bear.[4] It then reveals it's true identity by pulling off the bear head... only to be wearing a luchador mask. The masked individual begins laughing uproariously at Mio's reaction, then pulls off the mask to show that (ta-dah!) it's really Yoshino, Mio's older sister. Mio then punches Yoshino for messing with her. A boxing promoter and an associate walk by and marvel at the magnificent corkscrew punch Mio is displaying. Yoshino tells Mio that her prank wasn't easy, and that sneaking into Mio's room in the dark to take the batteries of her clock was especially difficult, but Mio just punches her again. Yoshino tells Mio not to be angry, and that she will make things better by treating Mio to some ramen... using the money Mio just gave her. Mio punches Yoshino a third time.[5]


Mai enters the Spell of Restoration into her video game, but a message pops up telling her she got it wrong.

Part 6

Hakase is at home, happily drawing sharks. As she looks outside, she notices that the cloud drifting by looks like a shark. At that moment, Nano announces that she's come home from grocery shopping. Nano takes a moment to look at the shark cloud before remembering that she bought the milk Hakase had asked for. She turns and sees that Hakase has fallen asleep.

Brief transition with canal.

Back in the main living room, an excited Hakase asks if Nano bought 4.5% milk. Nano gets the milk out and asks why

Hakase requested such rich milk. Hakase pulls out a remote and pushes the button. With a loud, mechanical whirring, Nano's left arm suddenly rises and straightens, and then with a pop her forearm detaches and a roll cake is dispensed. Hakase cheerfully declares that she has a roll cake and proceeds to eat it with delight while Nano just sits there, completely stunned. Nano regains her composure and gets angry at Hakase, demanding to know why she put a roll cake in her arm, but Hakase is too busy enjoying her cake and milk to answer. Nano eventually calms down and, after seeing how much Hakase is enjoying her roll cake, Nano asks if she could have some, too. Instead of sharing her own cake, Hakase tells Nano she can have a sweet bun, pulling out a remote and hitting the button. A panel on Nano's forehead retracts, and a platform with a sweet bun on it slowly and unsteadily juts out of Nano's head. Nano is mortified, and even more so when it suddenly retracts again. Nano asks Hakase why she would add this kind of modification and if Hakase had even thought what would happen if her sweet bun came out in public. Nano then imagines herself in a music store, happily putting on headphones to listen to music. A boy then bumps into her, and her forehead bun pops out. At the same time, the CD slot on the thing that lets customers prelisten to music pops out as well, emphasizing the mechanical nature of Nano's new feature. Nano is mortified, and the other customers are shocked. Back in the real world, Hakase offers to give Nano a music playback function, missing Nano's point. Hakase goes back to eating and drinking, and Nano is upset that Hakase isn't paying any attention to her.

Brief transition with canal. Some sort of truck is just sitting there.

Hakase finishes her roll cake and lies down. Nano, still somewhat upset, takes a bite of her sweet bun and perks up when she notices how good it is. Hakase then notices how much Nano is enjoying her sweet bun and milk, also remembering she's already eaten her own treat. Hakase makes a move for Nano's sweet bun, but Nano scolds her and tells her she's already eaten a roll cake, and then Nano finishes her sweet bun. Hakase gets quite upset, and then tells Nano, "Fine! I still have a log cake!" Nano panics, wondering where in her body this new baked good will come from, but Hakase just gets up and walks to the fridge, pulling out her log cake. Nano begs Hakase to just put all her snacks in the fridge to begin with, but Hakase stubbornly refuses.

Rock-paper-scissors with Nano's arm producing a roll cake.

Yuuko's jump rope.

Part 7

Yuuko comes up to Mio in class and asks to borrow her math notebook. Mio is a little annoyed. Yuuko promises that it's just this once, and she'll never ask to copy Mio's homework again. Mio reminds Yuuko that she said the same thing last time. Yuuko tells her, "A warrior never goes back on her word!" but Mio points out since she said the same thing last time, she's already gone against her word. Yuuko is embarrassed but Mio lets her borrow her notebook anyway. Yuuko then goes to talk to a fellow classmate.

Mio's memory suddenly starts to jut in. Mio wonders if she forgot something and begins to recall last night. She finished her homework and then... she happened to doodle... a steamy picture of Sasahara and forgot to erase it! Mio bolts out of her seat in panic. Mio rushes over to Yuuko and tries to take her notebook back, telling Yuuko she also forgot to do her homework. However, when Mio grabs her notebook, Yuuko won't let go. Yuuko tells Mio to cut it out, and that she really will do her own homework next time. Mio worries that if Yuuko sees her sketch, she'll think Mio's a weirdo. Not only that, if it's Yuuko who sees it, she'll tell everybody, and the news will spread at the speed of sound!

Mio grabs her other notebook and slams it on Yuuko's desk, telling her that she accidentally gave Yuuko her Japanese

textbook and that this is her math textbook. Unfortunately, Yuuko can see that the notebook she has has "math" written on it. Then for some reason, Mio yells at Yuuko telling her that her stomach hurts. Yuuko doesn't really know how to respond to that. Mio then offers to buy her own notebook for ¥1000. Yuuko slowly gets up, goes to the door, and then runs away with Mio's incriminating notebook. Mio chases after her, telling Yuuko the notebook is going to explode! Yuuko just speeds up.

Mio continues chase, but loses hope; Yuuko is just too fast to catch on foot. Against a black backdrop with dramatic organ music playing, Mio thinks that her life is over. The background then cycles through moments of Mio's life: Mio as a baby, with her sister Yoshino wearing her Mexican wrestling mask trying to scare her; Mio standing in front of her primary school, next to Yoshino in full kendo armor. As the background shows a piece of toast sticking out of a tissue box (likely one of Yoshino's pranks), Mio thinks that life wasn't perfect, but she still had a good life. She sobs and thinks that this is the end, her life is over. Her banquet of men is gone. She begins to fall towards the floor.

Before hitting the ground, Mio braces herself. She can't let that happen! She powers up because her life is on fire! She begins to run in slow motion with a fiery motivation, going faster until she's a blur. She and Yuuko are running so fast the hallways are white. They turn a corner and Mio runs on the wall before getting back on the floor. She makes one last grasp for her notebook, but misses and gets a devastated look on her face. In a last, desperate attempt, Mio yells at Yuuko not to run in the hallway. Yuuko is confused, but keeps running; Mio suddenly trips and starts rolling, coming to a stop as she slams face down, but she's passed Yuuko. Yuuko stops and asks Mio if she's okay. Mio suddenly gets up, snatches her notebook away from Yuuko, and runs away. Yuuko stands there watching, dumbfounded.

Brief transition with canal. Two tanukis (?) cross the path.

Back in class, Mio and the other students pass their notebooks up to the front. Yuuko, defeated, stands in the hallway for forgetting her homework. Mio gives a big sigh of relief; she dodged a huge bullet and can get back to her ordinary life. Suddenly, she panics and stands up. She remembers that she still didn't erase the drawing, and she just turned her notebook in to the teacher! The math teacher asks Mio what's wrong, and she yells out that she forgot her homework.


Nano asks Hakase to help her clean up. Instead, she gets up, tells Nano that's it's too early for her to clean and that she's going outside to play, and then leaves.

Student Adviser

Sakurai-sensei catches up the Haruna Annaka in the hallway, who wears a gigantic red ribbon in her hair. Sakurai-sensei tries to tell Annaka that her ribbon is too big, but Annaka says "Pyon![6] Just kidding!", joking that she wears it to look like a rabbit. Sakurai-sensei just stands there nervously.


Mai is walking down the street when she sees Nano and Hakase sitting on a bench eating little cakes. Mai goes to the local convenience store, but they are sold out. Next to where the individual cakes would be, Mai sees a giant "family-size" bag full of little cakes. Whether Mai gets cake is left unresolved.

Part 8

Misato stands on a table with her pistol aimed at Koujirou Sasahara, who for some reason is wearing a bear head just like Mio's sister wore earlier. She sighs, puts her gun down and sits in her chair, asking Sasahara that he knows he's on the festival planning committee, right? Misato asks him if he could please take this more seriously, and Sasahara takes off the bear head. Sasahara then grabs a cup of tea and tells Misato that he is taking this seriously, while stirring his tea with a spoon (pinky raised, of course). He mentions that he is President of the Drama Club, but Misato gets angry and stands up. She tells him that his drama club has nothing to do with this, but Sasahara isn't paying attention, instead noting that they've changed tea brands. Misato bottles up her anger and then gives up, sitting back down and laying her head on the desk. She's got a kendo competition coming up and shouldn't have volunteered for the festival committee in the first place. Misato looks up again and sees that Sasahara is now reading Helvetica Standard. Sasahara suddenly raises his right hand, with his pinky raised, up to his mouth and then giggles. Misato shoots him in the face and asks him why he's reading comics; they can't go home until they submit an idea for an activity. Sasahara apologizes, stating that it is a new volume of Helvetica Standard. Misato asks if Sasahara has any ideas. Sasahara, taking out his handkerchief to tend to his forehead wound, aks if his wine-tasting idea wasn't any good. Misato tells him it wasn't a good idea at all. (It is a school festival, after all.)

Brief transition with canal. An elderly couple walks up the path. [A young couple walked toward us earlier, and now an elderly couple walks away from us. Hmm.]

A bored Misato begins to ask Sasahara a question, but she notices that he's playing a video game and blasts him with a bazooka. (In the original, the credits and ending theme start here while the scene with Misato and Sasahara continues.) Sasahara continues to do other activities while Misato blasts him with different weapons. In a cloud of smoke, Sasahara gets up to go to the restroom. On his way there, Sasahara thinks to himself that Misato seems to be in a bit of a foul mood today. In the restroom, his butler changes Sasahara's clothes and washes his face for him. Sasahara wonders if he can lower himself to think on a commoner's level so he can come up with a good idea for the festival. Sasahara's butler impressively changes Sasahara's pants while Sasahara is walking. When Sasahara returns to the classroom, Misato is standing there wearing the bear head Sasahara was wearing earlier. Misato takes it off, and with a face red with embarrassment, tells Sasahara that he doesn't mean anything to her, got it? Sasahara doesn't know what to say.

Short Thoughts

Tsuyoshi Nakanojou's mohawk is shown. The female narrator reads out, "The naivete of Asia".

Don't Miss It!

Nano's sweet bun (voiced by Masako Ikeda), sticking out of her forehead, laments that it is unpopular in Kansai.[7] Many people don't know whether to pronounce it as "amashoku" or as "kanshoku". The next episode of Nichijou is Episode 3. Don't miss it!



  1. ↑A unit of syllable weight used in phonology, by which stress, foot structure, or timing of utterance is determined in some languages. Japanese words have traditionally been analysed as composed of moras; a distinct concept from that of syllables. Each mora occupies one rhythmic unit, i.e. it is perceived to have the same time value. For example, Ōsaka has three syllables, but four morae: o-o-sa-ka. The first sound is a long "o", which is counted as two "o" morae and not one "long o" mora.
  2. ↑Yuuko says "Glico's Free Prize." Glico refers to Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., a Japanese confectionery company perhaps best known for making Pocky (long and thin biscuit sticks covered in chocolate). Glico is also known for putting prizes in their products sometimes. Thus, Glico's Free Prize.
  3. ↑The wooden fish/golden fish is reference to a Japanese fairy tale. The wooden fish in this episode is actually a traditional Japanese percussion instrument. [I assume it's similar to the Aesop's Fable about the man who loses a wooden axe, rejects a silver and a golden axe, and then gets all three for his honesty.]
  4. ↑[Some say it's Malay for "having money," others Japanese for "being a devil." If the author knows Malay, he very well could have done a double pun. Has anybody checked the original in the manga?]
  5. ↑Mio specifically mentions that it is her Noguchi. Hideyo Noguchi (1876-1928) was a Japanese microbiologist best known for discovering the agent of syphilis in 1911. He has been on the ¥1000 note since 2004.
  6. Pyon in Japanese can refer to the sound a rabbit makes.
  7. ↑Also known as the Kinki region, the Kansai region is in the southern-central part of Japan, on the island of Honshu near the island of Shikoku. The Keihanshin metropolitan region, second in population only to Greater Tokyo, is in the Kansai region, and includes Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. The Pokemon region of Johto is loosely based on the Kansai region.

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Nichijou (3)
Cover of Volume 3
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publicaton date July 26, 2008
Parts 35 – 52
Volume List
Preceded by
Nichijou (2)
Followed by
Nichijou (4)

Nichijou (3) is the third volume of the Nichijou manga.



Character profiles of the staff members of Tokisadame High School are given: Principal Shinonome, Vice Principal, Sakurai-sensei, Takasaki-sensei, Akasaka-sensei and Fukuoka-sensei.

Nichijou no 35

See also: Nichijou Episode 7#Lottery

Yuuko Aioi thinks she's won the lottery. Unfortunately her ticket is from last year. It is Yuuko's birthday, so Mio Naganohara tries to cheer up Yuuko by giving her a present. Yuuko opens it to find it is a jar of octopus wasabi. Yuuko tries to guess what Mio is "not" thinking, but unfortunately Mio was thinking of it, just a little bit. Yuuko bets ¥1000 that she won't lose rock-paper-scissors, but then does. Yuuko, Mio and Mai Minakami run to try and catch a train, but Yuuko is the only one who gets on before the doors close, and she is now stuck on a train by herself. Mio and Yuuko visit a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, but the chef immediately forgets their order.

Nichijou no 36

Nano Shinonome keeps losing her hands.

Nichijou no 37

See also: Nichijou Episode 16#Part 65

Yuuko catches up to Mio, who left class in a hurry. They are stopped by a policeman who is investigating the use of counterfeit bills in the vending machines behind them. When he asks to check their bags, Mio begins to act very oddly. She pulls out a ¥1000 bill, which is not a counterfeit but a bribe. Mio resists the officer when he tries to check her bag, but he is eventually able to take it. When he pulls out the papers inside, we see why Mio didn't want anyone looking through her things: her hand-drawn yaoi manga. Mio then attacks the police officer, then Yuuko, then the Gentleman, and finally Koujirou Sasahara's goat as each gets a piece of her manga.

Nichijou no 38

See also: Nichijou Episode 8#Part 34

Nano catches Hakase eating candy before bed. When Nano tells Hakase she has to brush her teeth again, Hakase gets mad and says Nano can't even get cavities because she's a robot, so what does she know? Nano becomes despondent, so Hakase promises to install a feature that will let Nano get cavities.

Nichijou no 39

See also: Nichijou Episode 13#Part 55

Hakase is too scared to sleep because of the storm outside, so she gets into bed with Nano. When Hakase realizes she has to go to the bathroom, she tries to wake up Nano, but to no avail. Sakamoto offers to go with her, but Hakase says he is small and weak. Sakamoto is mortified. Nano wakes up, but as they're walking to the bathroom, lightning strikes nearby, terrifying Nano. As they try to comfort each other, lightning strikes the vent that had been banging around on the roof scaring Hakase, and they are both too scared to move.

Nichijou no 40

On a very hot day, the Principal must finish the morning assembly before everyone collapses from heat exhaustion. However, people only collapse when he says something, so he can either stay silent, thus prolonging the assembly, or hurry up and finish, which would cause more people to faint.

Nichijou no 41

See also: Nichijou Episode 7#Part 28

Takasaki-sensei talks to Sakurai-sensei, seeing if she could talk to Yuuko about doing her homework for once. As Sakurai-sensei leaves, we find out that Takasaki likes her. Thinking she left her black book behind, Takasaki follows and gives it to her, but it turns out she has hers, and it was another teacher's he'd taken. Takasaki decides to ask Sakurai if she wants to go mushroom hunting, but accidentally asks if she has a boyfriend. He immediately regrets this, but regains hope when she says she doesn't.

Nichijou no 42

See also: Nichijou Episode 10#Part 40

Yuuko is late for class. When she arrives, she finds that Mai has stuck erasers in the top of all the doors.

Nichijou no 42.5

See also: Nichijou Episode 21#Part 87

Yuuko believes it a miracle when lunch arrives and she hasn't gotten in trouble for not turning in her assignment. Then Takasaki-sensei appears, making Yuuko less than happy.

Nichijou no 43

See also: Nichijou Episode 24#Part 105

Mio runs into Sasahara at the vending machines.

Nichijou Shorts 2

  • Igo Soccer Club 1: Kenzaburou Daiku and Yuria Sekiguchi play issenose.
  • Igo Soccer Club 2: Ogi quits the club.
  • The Important and the Necessary: When being lectured to about his goat, Sasahara demands that his goat be referred to as "Sasahara Kojirou".
  • Yukko 1: Yuuko tries to run track but gets stuck.
  • Daifuku Fair 1: Nakanajou-san has found someone to play Mr. Daifuku, but punches him when he talks.
  • Daifuku Fair 2: Nakanajou-san punches Mr. Daifuku again, asking how many times he has to say daifukus do not talk.
  • Student Guidance: Sakurai-sensei asks Annaka why her bow is so big. She replies by pretending to be a bunny.
  • Nakanojou: Nakanajou tries to flatten his mowhawk in a reverse-combover, but his mother walks in and it is awkward.
  • Mini Exam: Sakurai-sensei grades the test with Mio's drawing of Sasahara.
  • Yukko 2: Yuuko convinces Mio to press the fire alarm button.

Nichijou no 44

See also: Nichijou Episode 18#Part 73

Misato Tachibana confronts Sasahara on the roof for not completely cleaning his section.

Nichijou no 45

See also: Nichijou Episode 11#Part 46

Hakase lays down super glue to trap Nano and Sakamoto, but ends up getting trapped herself.

Nichijou Shorts 3

  • Igo Soccer Club 1: Lamenting that the club will be disbanded without at least three members, Daiku explains to Sekiguchi that the club doesn't actually do anything.
  • Igo Soccer Club 2: Daiku continues to explain that he wanted to make a club by adding "go" and "soccer," but couldn't think of anything for it to do.
  • Tanaka: Sakurai-sensei asks Tanaka why his hair is so big. He replies by giving her some dorayaki stored in his hair.
  • Divination: Yuuko kicks off her shoe to predict the weather, but it lands on the roof of a car that speeds away.
  • The Vice Principal's Doll: The Principal finds that the Vice Principal carries around a doll made of straw.
  • Takasaki-sensei: Takasaki plans on giving Sakurai-sensei a bamboo shoot from his garden, but finds she already has some dorayaki Tanaka had just given her.
  • Money: Sekiguchi finds a banner congratulating the Go Soccer Club for it's recent victory hanging off the side of the school.
  • Shoe: Chasing after the car her shoe is on, Yuuko trips and loses her other shoe. A dog picks it up and runs off with it.
  • The Vice Principal's Natto: The Vice Principal tells the Principal to open the doll. The Principal finds it to be filled with natto.
  • Untitled: Giving up on finding her shoes, Yuuko is visited by Buddy the Sympathy Dog.

Nichijou no 46

See also: Nichijou Episode 14#Part 58

Hearing yakisoba (fried buckwheat noodles) as yakisaba (fried mackeral), Yuuko buys Mio the wrong lunch.

Nichijou no 47

See also: Nichijou Episode 7#Part 29

Nano meets Yoshino Naganohara, who bothers her incessantly.

Nichijou no 48

See also: Nichijou Episode 3#Part 10

Yuuko tries to borrow Mai's homework, but Mai keeps giving Yuuko her comic.

Nichijou no 49

See also: Nichijou Episode 3#Part 11

When the teacher mentions class participation will be part of their grade, everyone raises their hand to answer the math problem. When Yuuko realizes this means "she" might be called on, her arm cramps in the raised position, so she tries to stay out of the teacher's line of sight.

Nichijou no 49.5

See also: Nichijou Episode 3#After Credits Scene

Yuuko finishes reading Mai's comic.

Nichijou no 50

See also: Nichijou Episode 16#Part 67

Yuuko visits Nano, and meets Hakase.

Nichijou no 51

See also: Nichijou Episode 6#Part 26

Yuuko, Mai and Mio go camping.

Nichijou no 52

See also: Nichijou Episode 7#Part 30

Nano and Hakase enjoy playing a game of baseball, despite not actually knowing how to play.


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