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Detective and Criminal Investigator Resume Objective

A criminal investigator may perform a variety of duties depending on his or her level of experience. Job responsibilities can range from studying records and preparing evidence to performing direct investigation at the scenes of crimes. Communication with witnesses, suspects, and other persons of interest is quite common. It’s important to construct an impactful objective statement that conveys your relevant skills and experience in order to paint yourself as a quality candidate.

What The Criminal Investigator Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Education and experience requirements vary widely although it is highly recommended that you detail your background in some fashion. Discuss previous administrative or investigative duties performed in the criminal justice field as well as any specific education which pertains to the job of an investigator. Consider detailing generalized traits such as attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate effectively and with proper sensitivity for the situation. It can also be beneficial to discuss your professional achievements and motivation for pursuing a career in criminal justice.

Sample Criminal Investigator Resume Objectives

A well-stated objective will chronicle your educational and professional background while also illustrating your interest in the company which you’re applying to. Show genuine focus and commitment by referring to the organization by name.

1. Seeking criminal investigator role at ABC Organization to utilize a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, impeccable observational and organizational skills, and a desire to improve the community.

2. Experienced detective seeks criminal investigator position with ABC Organization to utilize six years of compiled field knowledge, refined communication skills, and a proven track record of providing substantial contributions in the pursuit of justice.

3. Criminal investigator with a bachelor’s degree in criminology seeking employment opportunity at ABC Organization to apply qualified education, incisive perception and attention to detail, and a passion for justice.

4. Seeking to obtain criminal investigator role at ABC Organization to employ bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and two years of experience in the field.

5. Dedicated criminal investigator seeks employment with ABC Organization which will benefit from tireless work ethic, penetrating observational skills, and demonstrated talent for closing tough cases to promote safety and justice in the community.

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Police Detective Resume Samples

Police Detectives gather evidence and facts and conduct interviews regarding criminal activities in order to catch perpetrators. Tasks listed on example resumes of Police Detectives include responding to emergency complaints and other requests for services, and developing techniques and abilities in order to sort through conflicting information. To be considered for a Police Detective position, applicants need to be able to list at least a high school diploma on their resumes, as well as the successful completion of a training academy.

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Emergency Manager/police Detective

Developed and implemented emergency preparedness programs, i.e., terrorism, natural and man-made disaster, and related protocols for a population of 5,000.

  • Created a database to streamline control of incoming visitors; increasing efficiency by 75 percent.
  • Planned and coordinated 300 hours of weapons live fire training for 150 military and civilian employees, saving 50 percent of assigned training time and qualifying employees ahead of schedule.
  • Managed investigations, interrogations, evidence collection/preservation, crime scene processing, and report writing; achieved a 95% case clearance rate.
  • Conducted 15 search warrant probable cause briefings with the Commanding Officer.

Police Detective

Investigated crimes in violation of Georgia law that involved felony auto theft and vehicle title and registration fraud.

  • Investigated auto theft rings, chop shops, as well as vehicle cloning rings to include fraudulent procurement and sale of automobiles with a total value of over $10 million.
  • Conducted interrogation of suspects, interviews of witnesses and obtained statements.
  • Wrote thorough reports documenting the results of investigations which resulted in convictions in over 400 criminal cases. Prepared, obtained, and executed search as well as arrest warrants.
  • Coordinated efforts with local and state agencies including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
  • Assisted Major Felony investigations into homicides, armed robberies, kidnappings, aggravated assaults (shootings/stabbings), rapes, domestic violence incidents, and bank robberies.

Police Detective

Excelled at investigation as a Detective and maintained an extremely high case closure rate.

  • Developed and formalized the Police Explorer program while serving 3 years as the Organization's Chairman, taking average enrollment from fewer than 10 Explorers to more than 30.
  • Translated English/Spanish for the City's Court, Utilities and Police Departments.
  • Trained new officers for the Department's "Mini" police academy.

Police Detective

One of two department detectives with responsibility for managing multiple investigations concurrently including department client and employee claims/criminal complaints, client and family lawsuits, and prospective employee background checks. Conducted claims for the Connecticut State Attorney General's office and the Claims Commissioner. Worked closely with State Police as required.

  • Interviewed claims and witnesses and managed crime scene investigations including photos, videos, fingerprinting, evidence collection and documentation.
  • Generated detailed written investigations summary reports encompassing all information/evidence gathered.
  • Proactive in detecting, investigating and preventing department losses including facilitation of security surveys.
  • Provided ongoing training to Police Officers on a variety of issues and loss prevention activities. Assisted instructors with POST training.

Police Detective

Investigated various criminal cases which included public officials/public corruption, financial crimes, burglaries, sexual assaults, robbery, organized crime, and auto thefts

  • Presented community education presentations on senior citizen fraud
  • Collaborated with agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, [company name], and the District and County Attorney
  • Investigated various administrative cases
  • Organized and prepared cases necessary for prosecution
  • Interviewed witnesses, complainants, and accused individuals
  • Instructed Cyber Crime and Financial Crimes course for the El Paso Police Academy

Police Detective

Detective assigned to the Special Investigations Division (SID) - Long term acting Sergeant for the North Directed Enforcement Narcotics Team

  • Conducted long- term complex investigations focusing on narcotics traffickers. Responsible for training new detectives assigned to the SID - Conducted undercover purchases of controlled substances, recognized expert in the possession, sales and manufacturing narcotics
  • Trained in the investigations of all crimes including frauds
  • Assisted in internal investigations of city employees
  • Expert in the area of Community Policing and problem solving

Police Detective

Conducted thorough investigations to criminal cases for arrests and prosecution

  • Implemented strategies for Juvenile arrests pertaining to another avenues of court intervention
  • Provided yearly workshops and speech groups to educate the community about Crime Prevention
  • Provided and conducted thorough background investigations on Police, Emergency Medical Technician and Fire Fighters for probationary employment and in-depth credit card / financial forgery investigations
  • Major Crimes Task Force Investigator for Kane County Sheriff
  • Field Training Officer for 12 years, trained approximately seven police recruits

Police Detective Sergeant

Field Training Officer for Investigations.

  • Investigated major felony cases, assisted with state and federal agency investigations.
  • Assigned to Metro Atlanta Criminal Intelligence Task Force that was effective in targeting serial criminals in the Metro Atlanta area.
  • Developed informants to take down criminal networks and auto theft rings.
  • Conducted extensive narcotic investigations that resulted in several thousands in forfeiture and seizures.
  • Conducted Background Investigations for new hires.

Police Detective

Responsible for enforcing federal, state, and local narcotics laws

  • Conducted undercover investigations and controlled confidential informants
  • Applied for and secured state and federal search warrants
  • Prepared detailed reports and affidavits for the courts utilizing information obtained through investigation and physical surveillance
  • Extensive experience and knowledge of crime scene processing and rules of evidence
  • Testified in federal, state, and municipal courts
  • Cross-trained with the SWAT team; involved in numerous high-risk search warrants

Police Detective

Investigated allegations of rape, sexual assaults, malicious assault, and child abuse.

  • Investigated suspicious deaths and served as relief for Homicide Squad.
  • Independently managed high profile investigations requiring sound judgment and decision making.
  • Partnered with Virginia Beach Department of Social Services to investigate child abuse and neglect and worked with Children's Hospital of The Kings Daughters Child Abuse physicians.


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