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I am a principal investigator at Y Combinator Research's Human Advancement Research Community (HARC), and an adjunct professor at UCLA's Computer Science department. My research interests are programming languages and environments, and their application to improve education. I got my Ph.D. at UCLA, where I was advised by Todd Millstein and Alan Kay. In a past life, I was a software engineer at Google.


You can find some of my projects on GitHub (personal and CDG) and squeaksource.

news (actually, these are olds that need updating)

Friday, December 12th, 2008: I defended my Ph.D. thesis, "Experimenting with Programming Languages"!
I've finally given in to peer pressure and started a blog.
There is now a mailing list for OMeta. (browse the archives)
Check out the new version of OMeta/JS! (the old version is still available)

invited talks

upcoming professional activities

  Most Notable Paper selection committee chair, DLS
  Steering committee member, DLS


Constraints as a Design Pattern (Onward! 2015)
Hesam Samimi, Alessandro Warth, Mahdi Eslamimehr, and Alan Borning
Call by Meaning (Onward! 2014)
Hesam Samimi, Chris Deaton, Yoshiki Ohshima, Allesandro Warth, Todd Millstein
Worlds: Controlling the Scope of Side Effects (ECOOP 2011, obsoletes chap. 4 of my dissertation)
Alessandro Warth, Yoshiki Ohshima, Ted Kaehler, and Alan Kay
[ web-based implementation ][ erratum for ECOOP version ]
     Expressive and Modular Predicate Dispatch for Java (TOPLAS, Feb. 2009)
T. Millstein, C. Frost, J. Ryder, and A. Warth
 [ project webpage ]
Experimenting with Programming Languages (Ph.D. Dissertation)
Alessandro Warth
Active Essays on the Web (C5 2009)
Takashi Yamamiya, Alessandro Warth, and Ted Kaehler
 [ web-based implementation ]
Running OMeta Parsers Backwards for Source-to-Source Translation (VPRI Memo)
Ted Kaehler and Alessandro Warth
Open, Reusable Object Models (S3 2008)
Ian Piumarta and Alessandro Warth
Steps Toward the Reinvention of Programming (VPRI Technical Report)
A. Kay, I. Piumarta, K. Rose, D. Ingalls, D. Amelang, T. Kaehler, Y. Ohshima, C. Thacker, S. Wallace, A. Warth, and T. Yamamiya
Toward a More Scalable End-User Scripting Language (C5 2008)
Alessandro Warth, Takashi Yamamiya, Yoshiki Ohshima, and Scott Wallace
Packrat Parsers Can Support Left Recursion (PEPM 2008)
Alessandro Warth, James R. Douglass, and Todd Millstein
OMeta: an Object-Oriented Language for Pattern Matching (DLS 2007)
Alessandro Warth, Ian Piumarta
 [ project webpage ]
LazyJ: Seamless Lazy Evaluation in Java (FOOL 2007)
Alessandro Warth
 [ project webpage ]
Statically Scoped Object Adaptation with Expanders (OOPSLA 2006)
Alessandro Warth, Milan Stanojevic, and Todd Millstein
 [ project webpage ]
Featherweight eJava (UCLA CSD Technical Report)
Alessandro Warth and Todd Millstein

memos, musings, and other m-words


A few years ago I thought it might be neat to write the musical score for an independent horror film that was being produced in South Florida. Here is some of the music I composed when asked to send the director a little demo CD to showcase my talents. [ demo1 | demo2 ]

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